© 2017 by Angela DeCarlis

Contra Dance Caller

While I didn't know it at the time, I began preparing for my future as a caller when I was a coxswain on my high school rowing team in Gainesville, Florida. Using clear language, making decisions under pressure, solving localized problems without disturbing more complex rhythms and trajectories -- these were all skills which carried over seamlessly.


Upon moving to the northeast to attend art school in Philadelphia, I began contra dancing twice-weekly, often to the voices of some of the most renowned callers in the country, including Bob Isaacs, Scott Higgs, and Rick Mohr.  After dancing for two years, I began calling myself, and I haven't stopped since.  I've now called as far north as Portland, Maine, as far south as Cocoa Beach, Florida, and as far west as Salt Lake City, Utah.  

Everything remains interconnected.  Because I am an artist with a passion for teaching, I approach dance instruction with kindness, creativity, and ingenuity.  Because I am a jazz singer, I love to incorporate musical tonality into my vocals while at the mic, resulting in a calling style immediately recognizable and lovable to dancers everywhere.

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