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"Come at Me, Bro" by Angela DeCarlis, 2012

[Becket CCW]** Improper

A1: [Gents walk to New N on R Diagonal to]** Gypsy and Swing N

A2: Ladies begin 1/2 Hey by R

Ladies Gypsy R, back into a ring with P in R and N in L

B1: Circle L 1x

Balance the Ring, Petronella R

B2: P Balance and Swing

**The Progression of this dance is technically the first thing to happen in this secretly-becket dance. I prefer to teach the dance as though it were improper, and will have dancers note their next neighbor before I even begin the walkthrough. As the dance ends with dancers on the side with their partners, I have all look to the Right Diaonal for the Next Neighbor they'd already identified. Ladies stay put and "lure" the Gents to their side of the set, effectively beginning that initial gypsy from across the set, and the dance begins again.


"Joe's Rush" by Angela DeCarlis, 2013


A1: (Slide L to) Circle L 3/4

N Swing

A2: Gents pull by L, Shadow (on R Diag) Allemande R 1x

Star L 1x with Original Hands-four

B1: Keep L hands across with N, Balance L, Swat the Flea. Don't

let go, Square-through figure: pull by N L

Pull by P R, N L

B2: P Balance and Swing

Written for one Joe Rush, a dancer currently based in my hometown in Gainesville FL.


"Sharks in the Pond" by Angela DeCarlis, Bryan Suchenski, Lynn Ackerson and Erika Rosenberg

Becket R

A1: Pass the Ocean, Balance R&L

Ladies Allemande L 1 1/2 while Gents Orbit Clockwise 1/2

A2: P Balance and Swing

B1: Gents cross, passing L

N Gypsy and Swing

B2: Women cross passing R, P Gypsy L 1/2

Partner Promenade across and Loop to meet new N

This one was written at a Dance-writing Workshop run by Rick Mohr at American Week at Pinewoods, 2012.

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