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Riv Hawkes | Executive Producer

Alison Mandible | Lead Game Designer

Angela DeCarlis | Artistic Director

VIVARIA was originally conceived to address a gap in our access to making and strengthening connections with others, especially strangers. It would become a physical space in which individuals would meet to co-create these interpersonal bonds by participating in unusual, intimate, and highly conceptual games and activities designed by our team.

Now in the time of COVID-19, our communal need for these kinds of connections is greater than ever. 

We've been working to explore this new, inescapably virtual space we now find ourselves in. With new activities designed to accommodate social isolation, we are pleased to present VIVARIA's sister project, Novaria. 


Named in wonder and appreciation of the newness of this moment in human history (and with a nod to the humor inherent in turning absence into a thing of substance) Novaria is a virtual space in which strangers and friends alike may gather to connect with one another. While we don't imagine Novaria will succeed in replacing the intimacy of seeing others face-to-face, we believe that the connections we forge now will have the strength to outlast this crisis, and any other trials we may come to face. They are the connections that will sustain us now, and which will indisputably last into better times ahead. 

We are available for hire to host Novaria activities for virtual online events. For rates and inquiries, please contact us.

connections we forge now will have the strength to outlast this crisis

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