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AskMeToDance Illustrations

Consent is an essential tenet in building any dance community. In an effort to normalize consent-based ideals and communication on the dancefloor, these works seek to bring the conversation to dancers in a low-risk and unintimidating way.

AskMeToDance is a project initiated by Izebel Vivant which aims to educate dancers on consent, positive communication, and safety on the dance floor through the use of coloring pages.

The illustrations below were all created by Angela DeCarlis. These pages, alongside the works of other artists involved with the project, were printed and distributed at dance weekends and festivals during 2017, including Dance Flurry (Saratoga Springs, NY), Dancing with the GODS (Gainesville, FL) and the NEFFA Festival (Mansfield, MA). In the years since then, they have been adapted as posters for several dances across the country.

If you're interested in receiving the .pdf files seen here for your local dance weekend or series, or if you have any questions about how you can contribute to the project, please contact me!

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